Carriacou & Petite Martinique

Carriacou & Petite Martinique Activities

The curious visitor will uncover many sights in Carriacou worth seeking. Some are easily accessible while others may require a bit more effort before you're rewarded. There is something for everyone from obscure historic ruins harboring secrets from the past, to quiet uninhabited sandy beaches with soothing warm waters, to scenic vistas viewed from the roadsides or on a hike through our forests. Here are some of our special places. 

Amerindian Well / Harvey Vale - This ancient well is located quite close to the sea, neara guest house, aptly name Constant Springs. Its mineral waters are thought to have healthful properties. 

Anglican Rectory Garden / Beausejour - A short walking distance from town, this once was the site of a Great House with an fascinating cactus collection. It now serves as the Anglican rectory. 

Anse La Roche Beach / Prospect - This is one of the most scenic and secret beaches in the Grenadines.  A striking rock formation thrusts itself up just a hundred feet or so off shore and supports interesting marine life below. The sandy beach is superb and if you're lucky you'll have it to yourself at off times. Snorkeling is very good off the point. Accessibility to this beach is via a rigorous mile long trail, somewhat steep but well marked, or by speedboat. 

Belair National Park / Belair - In this park you'll find a variety of attractions. Historic ruins of both French and English origins feature plantation buildings and well-preserved windmills. Nature lovers will not be disappointed with the network of hiking trails, scenery, and wildlife. There is also a teak and mahogany forest and agriculture nursery. This beautiful park is a lovely setting for the Maroon Cultural Festival and Parang Festival with its tree canopy and gentle breezes. 

Botanical Gardens / Hillsborough - Abutting a quiet back street, this little oasis in Hillsborough houses some beautiful specimens of tropical plants. It's a nice place for a leisurely stroll and chat with the gardeners. 

Capital of Carriacou / Hillsborough - The largest town on Carriacou was established at the end of the 18th century.  As a developing port and landing point for inter-island vessels, it is also a center for shopping and socializing and home to our annual Regatta festival and Carnival celebrations. Hillsborough Bay creates a very nice sandy beach that stretches the entire length of town and is merely steps from the colorful scenes of Main Street. 

Carriacou Museum / Hillsborough - Simply put: this is the best little museum in the Caribbean! Don't miss it! 

Diving Impressions - Being surrounded by reefs and underwater volcanic formations, Carriacou has a cache of intriguing diving to discover. Colorful coral, fish and other sea life can be viewed up close around the reefs, in wall dives, as well as around some interesting wrecks.Please, click HERE to get more details.   

Dover Ruins/ Dover - This sight of the first church in Carriacou reveals insights of early stonework, tested by time and piquing the archeologist's interest.   

Dumfries Historical Site / Dumfries - Ancient plantation ruins house some old equipment and machinery used in processing cotton and limes, including a landmark towering chimney of stone. 

Gun Point / Petite Carenage Bay - Located on the northern tip of Carriacou, it is named after the cannon erected by the British in 1780. Taking geographical maps strictly, this point actually belongs to St. Vincent and the Grenadines but is left to Carriacou's jurisdiction. 

High North Peak  - This is the highest elevation on Carriacou at 956 feet. There are several marked trails leading up to the peak and guided tours are available in this protected National Park. You might see iguanas land, tortoises, or soldier crabs along the way as well as many feathered species. 

La Pointe / South -Western Tip of Carriacou - A great area for exploring that's easily reached by foot or in a jeep along a dirt road. Scenic views are the backdrop for old ruins of a French Estate House. There are a few little beaches on either side of the point. 

Ningo Well / Tibeau - This is one of the earliest wells built on Carriacou and has interesting stonework. Plantation ruins are nearby and a cemetery is right on the beach at Jews Bay. 

Paradise Beach / L'Esterre - Paradise is one of Carriacou's premier beaches where you'll find good swimming behind a protective reef, with calm waters and white sand. Take a stroll down the beach and stop in for a cold drink at an informal beach bar. 

Petite Carenage Beach & Mangroves / Windward - There is a marked trail leading from the road in Windward, through the mangroves and down to this isolated beach. This sand beach is made up of tiny shells and turtles use it to lay their eggs. The surf is often more rigorous here than other beaches.  A recommended guide conducts mangrove and nightwatch nesting turtle tours.

White Island Marine Park - A must for those who want to play "Robinson Crusoe", this snorkelers' paradise has easy access to coral gardens. Take a water taxi out, bring a picnic and your snorkel gear and spend the day. 

Windward Boat Yard / Windward - The boat building tradition inherited from the early 19th century Scots settling in Windward is the pride and joy of the community. You can often times find a vessel in some process of being built and chat with masters of their craft.  Carriacou & Petite Martinique Places of Interest – Above and Below the Surface